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Address: Beijing dongcheng district west BinHeLu 22, shenhua building

Subway lines: take the subway line 2, port A drum tower street, walking to the shenhua group co., LTD. About 570 meters.

Bus routes:

1. By 27, xing ju stand, walk to the shenhua group co., LTD. About 430 meters.

2. Take the 44 44 outer ring, internal ring, 206 night, 409, 625, 800, the inner ring and outer ring, 909, 800 west railway station, the drum tower bridge on foot to shenhua group co., LTD. About 700 meters.

3. 2, 82, 380, 409, bell tower north north station, walk to the shenhua group co., LTD. About 780 meters.

Since the driving:

1. Drive north road from east to west direction, from AnDingMen bridge exports go to the north, so it turn about 100 metres to see to the east, east see natural bending to about 50 meters See BinHeLu turned south, about 50 meters, then turn right, along the BinHeLu straight about 1 km to the west by the shenhua building.

2. Drive north direction, from west to east of the main road to see exports out of the main bridge, along the north straight to the bell tower to turn north, about 100 metres AnDeLu intersection turn right, about 200 metres along AnDeLu eastward south see road, about 100 meters by shenhua building.