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Growth of Employees

Protecting Interests of Minority Employees with Cares

The Company seeks to make work arrangements that are specific to the posts and manageable by the disabled. Paying respects to the habits of ethnic minority, the Company takes initiatives to meet their needs in diet and other aspects.


Sound Welfare Packages

The Company provides employees with competitive remuneration packages, and personalized benefits. Employee remuneration mainly consists of fixed remuneration, performance remuneration and other benefits. Remuneration is determined on the basis of on-the-post contribution as measured by performance assessment. The overall salary level is adjusted according to laws with reference to economic development, price changes and local conditions.


Occupational Health

The Company always gives a priority to employee occupational healthcare, taking initiatives to address the high manual labor intensity in coal mining and railway operations. Advanced technologies are introduced to enhance control and improvement of working conditions on an ongoing basis. Meanwhile, individual protection measures are improved, and an annual physical examination system is well established where occupational health databases are maintained to identify employees with occupational diseases.

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