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Employment Relationship

Published: 2013-11-25

Fully Protecting Basic Rights and Interests of Employees In strict accordance with laws and regulations including the Labor Law, the Labor Contract Law and the Labour Union Law, China Shenhua extends respects and cares to employees and earnestly safeguards their interests. The Company conscientiously implements the company-wide labor contract system, the collective contract system and the employee representative committee system. With establishment and improvement of labor union, the Company uses employee representative committees to build up harmonious employment relationship.

The Company safeguards its employees’ rights to know, to speak and to appeal. The employee representative committees and labor unions effectively facilitate democratic supervision and management functions of the Company. All major systems formulated and implemented by the Company, including those on employment, labor contract, employment management and remuneration that are closely related to employees’ own interests, have been considered by the employee representative committee under legal statutory procedures to ensure their compliance and effectiveness. There are appealing channels such as labor union, human resources department and office for petitions and the employees’ right of appeal is safeguarded by the Company.

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